Monday, November 21, 2011

Fast Food You Can Eat This Holiday Season

A friend this past week brought me an article that talks about healthier food choice’s you can make on the run this holiday shopping season and asked me my opinion, I disagreed with a fair amount of it (particularly the suggestion to eat parfaits!) So I made my own list… I hope it helps.

First and foremost the holidays are no excuse to let your health & fitness goals backslide. This means making sure you get in here for your scheduled workouts and planning ahead if you know you are headed out for a busy day of shopping. I know you don’t have time, I don’t either, but I know you’ll agree that nothings more important than your health and how you look in your skinny jeans ;-)

Now here are some easy steps you can take to ensure you stay on track for success no matter what comes your way.

Pack a couple of 100 calorie NUT snack packs or a Myoplex Lite ready to drinks, you can find this right in any grocery store. This way you have something fast & easy within reach when your energy starts to wane & before you reach for something unthinkable.

If you do find yourself hitting up a fast food joint or the coffee shops below are some of the healthier choices you can make and make sure you write it in your food journal!

Starbucks: Is full of the obvious high caloric and high fat treats, but they do have some healthier options as well. The breakfast & lunch sandwiches in general are fairly balanced options but will run you a good 300-400 calories (just drop a slice of bread to make this even healthier). One item that’s definitely off limits is the yogurt parfait! With a whopping 61g of carbs (40g of sugar) it’s guaranteed to show up on your waistline almost immediately.

McDonalds: First off I highly recommend the coffee; oddly enough it’s the only Organic fast food coffee you can get! Beyond that the salads and a simple single hamburger, or grilled chicken sandwich will be your best options for keeping your body primed for fat loss and improving your health.

Subway: Is always a safe bet, the salads again are a great choice as well as the flat bread breakfast sandwiches, just be sure to load up on the veggies.

Bruegger’s Bagels: Is one of my favorite options. The small salad (my favorite is the mandarin salad), or a regular sandwich, like the tuna on wheat bread are all great options. Again stay away from the parfaits and the bagels they are guaranteed to put weight on right around the waistline.

If you hit up a restaurant, focus on a lean meat & veggies, a salad without a lot of dried fruit, and clear soups.

The holiday shopping season is not the time to let your guard down, it’s the time to put it up. You know you are going to indulge at all the holiday events so don’t get caught eating what you shouldn’t, or skipping meals just because you’re busy.

If you need some help planning ahead just be sure to stop in and ask Justin or I! Your success if our success, so let us know how we can help!

Have a great week and stay true to your goals! And if you don’t have one yet, it’s time to start thinking since the new year is only 6 weeks away…

Dedicated to your success,

Jenny May


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