Monday, April 11, 2011

I remember it like it was yesterday...

It was a particularly stressful morning, running late with chores, stressing over everything I had to get done and everything that wasn’t going exactly so on March 11, 2011… And then I saw the news about the earthquake and following Tsunami in Japan and man did I feel like a jerk (and that’s the nice word for it)!

I can’t even remotely imagine what those folks were going through, to one minute be going about your business and the next minute not have a home, job, or food. To think you left your family and pets safe and then have them and everything else washed away and left to only wonder if they are alive… or are they trapped and suffering??

And then the icing on the cake, to have the nuclear plants become unstable and leaking radiation on top of everything else. I think this is what really did it for me!

Back in the day when I was still a chemist I worked with GE R&D and worked for 3 years with GE Nuclear. I tested radioactive (HOT) samples on a regular basis and even spent the hardest 3 months of my life (literally) at Cooper nuclear station in Nebraska, and no I do not glow in the dark!

Last week, they were asking for nuclear workers to go over to Japan to help and I’ve gotta tell you, if I was still working in the nuclear industry…. I would go!! I’m not one to stand by and watch a tragedy unfold, if I can help, I’d rather get in there and get my hands dirty.

Going to help Japan deal with the nuclear situation is not an option today, I walked away from that life to help people just like you improve their health and reclaim their figures and their lives…

But that doesn’t mean I can’t help!

Introducing ‘The Get Fit For Japan Challenge!’

It’s a 6-Week challenge to help you achieve your Best Body before Summer and raise money for the American Red Cross specifically for relief efforts in Japan.

What you get is a 6-week transformation guide (completely free), 6 free group workouts that will start on Saturday April 23rd, and a chance to compete for some great prizes! To compete in the challenge all I ask is you donate $67 which will be given to the American red cross in its entirety.

The 3 people with the best transformation will walk away with super nice prizes (You’ll have to get the 6-week transformation guide to see what they are :)! And everyone will walk away with their Best Body for Summer and will have helped our neighbors in Japan get much needed supplies.

Just today I read about a man they just found trapped in his house (a month after the tsunami) he had almost no supplies left, was very hungry, had no power, no lights. His wife was with him when it hit, but she disappeared…… and he was left to sit in the dark, alone, for a month! (Can you imagine??)

I sincerely hope you will join me in this cause! It’s really a win, win, you get the body you want, I get to help you get the body you want (which is why I Ieft a lucrative chemistry career) and we both get to help Japan who is a long ways off from recovering from this disaster.

Go to now to get all the details and register today!


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