Sunday, April 09, 2006

The Yogurt Scoop

Yogurt is a top notch food because it not only tastes great, offers a lot of nutritional value, but it has also been proven to reduce that belly fat you’ve been complaining about.

A recent study at the University of Tennessee conducted by Scientist Michael Zemel, PhD, revealed that people who ate yogurt (1100 mg calcium a day) lost more fat than those that did not, with more of the fat loss as belly fat! The yogurt consumers were also more effective at maintaining lean muscle tone. As to whether or not it makes a difference if the calcium comes from dairy sources or a supplement pill, recent research is in favor of dairy sources for promoting fat loss!

Another important reason to get your calcium is that it helps to prevent the loss of bone density! Women ages 16-50 require 1000 mg per day, while women over 50 require 1200 to 1500 mg per day.

A cup of plain fat-free or low fat yogurt can have as much as 400 mg of calcium – that’s 40% of the recommended daily value. This is an important fact because so many women do not receive the 1500mg of calcium recommended to help preserve bone mass and prevent osteoporosis.

Plus it is an excellent source of protein, B-12, riboflavin, potassium, magnesium, zinc and promotes fat burning!

But many yogurts on the market are loaded with excessive amounts sugar! All the extra sugar means more calories and less calcium-rich yogurt. And since the calcium comes from milk it means that high sugar yogurts take away some of the nutritional and fat burning benefits that plain yogurt has to offer.

My recommendation is to purchase plain low fat yogurt - then mix in some unsweetened berries of your choice and enjoy. I personally love it with raspberries. If you prefer, you may even blend them together in a blender. The advantage to this is that you get the benefits of the yogurt and a serving of fresh fruit. And if you recall, fresh fruit may even reduce your risk of cancer - you can't go wrong!!

But if the choice is between a sugar filled yogurt versus cake, cookies or a pastry - choose the sugar filled yogurt every time and your body will reward you by staying primed for fat burning!


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